Commercial Trucking Accidents

Commercial trucking accidents can be absolutely catastrophic. Victims of such accidents often suffer in many ways, from reduced quality of life to significantly impacted ability to work. Pain, suffering, medical bills, lost wages…it can all add up to be a monumental difficulty for the injured victim.

It’s for these reasons why the team at the Law Offices of Mitchel S. Drantch work so hard to fight for our clients. We’ve seen first-hand the kind of devastation that can result because of negligence at the hands of a commercial truck driver. We also understand that accidents do happen and that we’re all human.

commercial trucking accidents lawyer denverAuto injury laws are in place for a reason, however, and those who are responsible for compensating victims of commercial trucking accidents need to be held accountable for what they owe.

What to Do after a Commercial Trucking Accident

If you find that your person or property have been damaged or injured in any way due to a motor vehicle accident involving a commercial truck, know that you have rights. Know that these rights aren’t always clear for everyone as their head is spinning after a wreck, which makes it especially important in the days and weeks after the accident that legal counsel be hired to represent you.

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Insurance companies will often act very quickly to try and get accident victims to sign release and indemnity documents—documents which will almost always result in much, much lower compensation for the damages and injuries that were incurred.

Before you do anything after the accident, remember one thing: do not take legal advice from your insurance company or from the insurance company working with the commercial trucker.

After the accident has happened, follow these crucial steps:

  1. Do not leave the scene or attempt to relocate your vehicle. Motor vehicle accident forensics experts need the accident scene to be just as it was after the incident, so they can gather the data they need as evidence in your case.
  2. Call for emergency medical assistance, if needed, and then call the police and have a formal report filed. Obviously, put a priority on attending to your injuries or those of others with you. Once the situation has stabilized, work closely with the police to provide all of the information you can about what happened.
  3. Take pictures (and lots of them). If you can manage it, take as many pictures of the affected vehicles as you can. Be sure to include both the vehicle that hit you and your own vehicle. Also, if surrounding infrastructure (sign posts, bridges, retaining walls) was damaged in the accident, document that also by taking pictures.
  4. Keep a file of all accident-related information to be in one place. It’s easy to feel scattered after a shocking motor vehicle accident involving a commercial truck. It’s scary and jarring, and it’s not always easy to keep track of detailed information. However, it’s crucial that you do so, making sure you know exactly where to look for the information you’ll likely need in the future.
  5. Protect your rights by hiring an attorney. Remember that not all attorneys specialize in automobile accidents, and even fewer know how to handle one that involves, say, an 18-wheeler. So, for the highest chances of a successful outcome, choose an attorney that has a proven track record in winning cases that involve commercial trucking accidents.

commercial trucking accidents lawyer denver 2By following these steps, you’ll be doing your part to ensure that you aren’t left holding the bag after all of the dust settles post-accident. You’ll be grateful that you documented everything and sought the assistance of a legal professional, as these steps are the most vital for accident victims seeking restitution and just compensation for their losses.

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