Back and Spine Injuries

Back and Spinal Cord Injury

Significant injuries to the back, neck, and spinal cord can be incredibly painful and disruptive, and recovering from them is often difficult, time-consuming, and very expensive. 

It’s for these reasons why you owe it to yourself to have a strong legal team by your side as you fight for the compensation you deserve.

If you’ve been the victim of an automobile accident, or act of negligence that resulted in significant injury to your back, neck, or spinal cord, you should know that the Law Offices of Mitchel S. Drantch specialize in representing individuals just like you. 

We’ve seen just how seriously lives can be upended as a result of a significant injury, and we know what it takes to fight within the Colorado court system to get our clients just compensation for their pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses. 


Common Causes of Serious Back Injuries

Back pain is incredibly common. In fact, more than 50% of all working Americans report having back pain at least once in a given year

back injury lawyerHowever, back pain is distinctly different from a back injury that has long-lasting effects—effects that can seriously diminish quality of life and hinder the ability to work. These kinds of injuries can’t be remedied with a handful of Advil, and they will often be so debilitating that the injured individual ends up incurring exorbitant costs as they continue down the long road to recovery. 

The most common causes for these kinds of back, neck, and spinal cord injuries include: 

  • Car crashes
  • On-the-job accidents (vocational or industrial)
  • “Slip-and-falls”
  • Sports injuries
  • Medical errors or malpractice

At the Law Offices of Mitchel S. Drantch, we work with a wide variety of clients who have found themselves reeling from an abrupt, acute back injury sustained from a number of different causes. More often than not, serious car accidents are to blame— and the Law Office of Mitchel S. Drantch specializes in all motor vehicle related claims. 

A Delicate Biological System

Then Central Nervous System (CNS) of the human body is protected by an incredibly intricate, highly sophisticated and interconnected network consisting of bones, ligaments, and connective tissue all of which must work in concert to keep the brain and spinal cord protected from trauma.

This network includes a long column of 33 bones called vertebrae. If any one of these vertebrae is damaged or knocked out of alignment, the result can be catastrophic. 

Because every nerve in our bodies originates at the spinal column, damage to the back and neck can completely disrupt average, everyday mechanical movement of the body. 

  • Damage to the Upper Back can cause pain and decreased range of motion for the neck, shoulders, arms, forearms, and hands. 
  • Damage to the Middle Back can cause digestive issues, pain in the abdomen, and decreased range of motion when twisting, bending, or standing up. 
  • Damage to the Lower Back will often cause sciatica, or impingement of the sciatic nerves that run down each leg. Lower back pain can also be the most stubborn and most difficult to recover from, as the lower back bears the most pressure. 

As delicate as the back and spinal cord are, even a small amount of trauma—say, from a ‘fender bender’ car accident—can result in big-time pain, suffering, and medical costs. 

Regardless of where the back was injured, the resulting effects on quality ofback injury lawyer 2 life and the ability to produce an income can be devastatingly altered for the worse. This is why it’s critical to have a knowledgeable, proven attorney like Mitch Drantch fighting for your rights to the compensation you’re owed. 

Keep in mind that insurance companies, for-profit corporations, and industrial businesses are not very motivated to award you with the money you’re owed after an accident. This eats into their profits, which is why a court order is often necessary to get them to part with the money owed to the victim of the accident. 

For Smart, Effective Legal Representation in Serious Injury Cases, “Get Mitch”

Whatever caused the injury, action needs to be taken to defend the injured person. In many cases, the action in question requires the strategic use of the Colorado court system in an effort to obtain righteous compensation for the injured person. Without a high-powered attorney by your side, this process can take months or even years, and compensation may never come at all

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